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silhouette dreams by abejas

liam payne was a thirty-year-old ex-pop star who owned a vineyard in california with his brother. 
thea halstead was a twenty-eight-year-old ballet dancer with a little baby in her belly. 

both were at a place they never thought they’d be. both had loved and lost.
both were uncertain what their futures looked like, or what they even wanted them to be.

little did they know, their futures were about to begin very soon when they met (again).

a story about grapes, swollen ankles, surfing, neighbors, the future, the past, and that fickle thing we call love.

Rating: T

Anonymous: Are you guys going to develop an app for the program? it would be amazing!

Nope! You can switch to a ‘Mobile Version’ of the skins when browsing on your phone but that’s the furthest it will ever go.

- Valerie

Crowds in My Heart by asplitsecond

New York, NY

January 15, 2017

“Ashlyn, I’m a little upset with you.” The interviewer said. I chuckled a bit at her failure to put on a stern face.

“Oh, and what have I done this time?”

I had a nagging feeling that this question was going to lead to a different one that I did not want to answer.

“Well,” she drawled. “Last I heard you were still single.” And there it is, I thought. “But recent pictures that have surfaced of you and a certain boybander suggest otherwise.”

I decided to play dumb. “Really? I’m not sure who you’re referring to?”

Maria leaned forward in her chair that was sitting directly across from me and smiled at me in a way that could only be described as sinister.

“Well none other than Britain’s pride and joy himself, Harry Styles.”

Over the past week I spent hours preparing myself for this moment. I knew interviewers were going to ask about him. And I truly thought I was prepared to answer without having an emotional breakdown. But just like that, with the mention of his name on someone else’s lips, my entire demeanor changed unexpectedly.

A story about one usually charming popstar, two groomzillas, three months and a 22 year old who entered London thinking she had everything a girl could need, but wants and needs are two different things.


Rating: M

Anonymous: How do I set up email notifications?

Account Info - Edit Preferences. You have three options for email updates:

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All three can be checked off! Then save and make sure you have the correct email - you can check this under Edit Bio. You also may need to check your Spam folder every once in a while. It likes to eat up emails every now and then! :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: I don't get email notifications anymore, what happened??0

Emails are up and working! Check out your spam folder :)

- Val

Anonymous: What's the chapter word limit? If my chapter exceeds the max limit, is it okay to continue it in the author's note?

There is no chapter limit but we’ve had sporadic instances in which a longer chapter will get cut off (please email us when this happens so we can try and find a cause!) In these instances, if you wish to you can continue in the author’s notes. But we recommend a new chapter :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: How long are stories featured for?

Usually about 1 1/2 to 3 weeks :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: Can an author be featured more than once? I have a story I'd like to suggest but the author has already had a different story featured. I noticed a diff writer has had 2 stories featured, but didn't know if this was an exception made because she's so crazy popular...

They can! Go ahead and submit it :)

- Val

Anonymous: how many banners can we have in a summary and does that include awards?

One banner/gif per summary, does not include awards. Awards banner sizes are purely discretionary at this point. 

- Valerie

Anonymous: It says on here that banners can be 650 x 250 but my banner keeps being removed. I've just looked on the actual website and it says 650 x 200. ?

Sorry for the confusion, I’ve fixed it on here. The rules on the site are always our official rules.

- V

Lissie - Constellations/pll213

Consistency in Coffee by cocoa

"Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better."

-Justina Chen

A coffee shop {not} AU.

Or: the one where Ivy Wright has terrible facial recognition skills, a sister who’s a little less than sane and a little more than invasive, and enough nail varnish to supply the entire UK.

Rating: MA

Anonymous: I'm trying to add my story but when I preview it it appears in like a 100 different series. How do I stop this?


- Val

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