Anonymous: What's the chapter word limit? If my chapter exceeds the max limit, is it okay to continue it in the author's note?

There is no chapter limit but we’ve had sporadic instances in which a longer chapter will get cut off (please email us when this happens so we can try and find a cause!) In these instances, if you wish to you can continue in the author’s notes. But we recommend a new chapter :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: How long are stories featured for?

Usually about 1 1/2 to 3 weeks :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: Can an author be featured more than once? I have a story I'd like to suggest but the author has already had a different story featured. I noticed a diff writer has had 2 stories featured, but didn't know if this was an exception made because she's so crazy popular...

They can! Go ahead and submit it :)

- Val

Anonymous: how many banners can we have in a summary and does that include awards?

One banner/gif per summary, does not include awards. Awards banner sizes are purely discretionary at this point. 

- Valerie

Anonymous: It says on here that banners can be 650 x 250 but my banner keeps being removed. I've just looked on the actual website and it says 650 x 200. ?

Sorry for the confusion, I’ve fixed it on here. The rules on the site are always our official rules.

- V

Lissie - Constellations/pll213

Consistency in Coffee by cocoa

"Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better."

-Justina Chen

A coffee shop {not} AU.

Or: the one where Ivy Wright has terrible facial recognition skills, a sister who’s a little less than sane and a little more than invasive, and enough nail varnish to supply the entire UK.

Rating: MA

Anonymous: I'm trying to add my story but when I preview it it appears in like a 100 different series. How do I stop this?


- Val

Back To Business!

Thanks for the patience guys! The site is back up and running smoothly! 

And if you see some iffy-ness happening this week with certain themes, just try and ignore it. We’ll be working on coding and fixing up some minor errors :)

- 1DFF Admin Team

Anonymous: Were there many hack attempts before this? So sorry you have to deal with that!

We’ve had two before :( It just sucks because it causes us to have to fix our whole system which in turn causes delays and downtime on the site; things we never want! 

- Valerie

Downtime 08/16/2014

Hey everyone! The site will go down today at 3PM EST for about 90 minutes to 2 hours. We had an expected crash in the servers yesterday when there was another hack attempted on the site. Downtime today will allow us to do some necessary damage control. 

Thanks for your understanding and hold tight!

- 1DFF Admin Team

Anonymous: are you able to remove one of the authors from a co-authored story if we can't do it ourselves? :)

We can :) just send us an email over at ! We do require permission from both authors though if the story has been equally split so just be prepared to provide that information.

- Valerie

Anonymous: I haven't been receiving updates to my email for about the last week or so. I've noticed that some stories have been updated that I haven't been notified about. I signed in the check that I hadn't turned the notifications off. Please help. Thanks :)

Emails seem to be working fine on our end! Try and check your spam folder - sometimes email restrictions can change randomly!

- Valerie

1DFF Author Spotlight: Sophie (chasedyourlove)

Of Roots Entwined by punkasstyles

Nisha Sahni is trying to get through her final year of dentistry exams without getting sucked into the hurricane that is her sister’s big fat Indian wedding. But when Harry Styles sweeps her off her feet—quite literally—on a bridge in Prague, she finds herself to be more than a little distracted.

A story about sisters, plaid shirts, and running out of options.

Rating: MA