jessiejessj: Just got a package in the mail that had a bunch of One Direction goodies for winning the One-Shot Contest!! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the amazing admins on 1DFF and the various sites, you are all incredible and I am so appreciative of the work you all put in :) Cheers, CrazyJ x

Thank you! :)

Anonymous: um i can't seem to find the teen vogue harry theme? in the edit preferences page

The only Teen Vogue theme currently is the full band one :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: i know that this is somewhere, but i can't seem to remember where so - what are the requirements to have your fic featured? x

Hey there! I’ve answered this HERE and HERE :)

We’re always accepting feature recommendations at !

- Valerie

Official Summer 2014 1DFF Awards

Voting is now closed! Thank you all for participating. The results will be posted in one weeks time.

1999 by birthofabook

Anya Novikov was supposed to become the youngest member of the New York Philharmonic. But that was Before.

Rating: T


Official Summer 2014 1DFF Awards! - Voting


We had such a large amount of nominations, so it took a lot of time and effort to sort through them all, but it’s been done and now it’s time to vote! Please remember that we do not tolerate spam, so if we do receive any, that story will automatically be disqualified. A full list of all the…

We’re closing voting in a couple of days! Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

dakota-simpson: I know it's not your job, but I think it would benefit all users of the website. Would you be able to have a list of approved banner makers? As I've had them made for me in the past and now it's so hard to find people, everyone seems to have so many requests that people aren't even getting back to me anymore. It's okay if it's too much hassle I just wondered :)

If someone were to compile a list then we would gladly post it. But I know the majority of our users get their banners from the graphics section of the message boards :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: That's what I meant regarding the MA rating. 1dffofficial(.)tumblr(.)com/post/49226078304/in-response-to-why-1dff-official-did-the-ma-thing

I think you may be getting confused. That doesn’t say that MA stories are only allowed in the MA category, it merely states why there is a ‘Best MA’ section in the awards; as opposed to having a ‘Best M’ ‘Best T’ etc.

- V

Anonymous: when does voting end? :)

Voting will only be open about a week! But we’ll get you an exact date asap :)

- Val

Anonymous: Hey, just curious, in previous awards you only allowed MA stories in the MA category (I remember the post you made about it) yet there are so many MA nominees in all the other categories. Just wanted to know what changed.

There were MA stories in almost every category during our last 2 awards so I’m not sure what you mean.

- Valerie

Anonymous: are there runner ups for the awards?


- Valerie

Summer Awards Nominees Masterlist! 2014

Best Harry:

Best Liam: 

Best Louis:

Best Niall: 

Best Zayn: 

Best Slash: 

Best One Shot: 

Best MA [Mature Audience]: 

Best AU [Alternative Universe]:

Funniest Fic: 

Best Love Triangle:

Favorite OFC [Original Female Character]:

Best Series:

Favorite Co-Character:

Best Tearjerker: 

Most Unique Story: 

Best Collaboration:

Best Wordsmith: 

Best Newcomer: 

Favorite Friendship:

Best Sequel:

Best Character Development - Members:


Official Summer 2014 1DFF Awards! - Voting

We had such a large amount of nominations, so it took a lot of time and effort to sort through them all, but it’s been done and now it’s time to vote! Please remember that we do not tolerate spam, so if we do receive any, that story will automatically be disqualified. A full list of all the stories up for voting, as well as links to the stories, will be posted soon so that it’s easier for people to find the stories 

Congrats to everyone who made it this far, and good luck!

- The 1DFF Admin Team


Official Summer 2014 1DFF Awards!


It’s that time of year again! We’ve had such great success with our awards in the past, so we’re back for the Official Summer 2014 1DFF Awards. We look forward to seeing another great range of fics being nominated, but please remember to follow the rules.

Rules are as follows:

  • Please do not spam the nominations. We understand that you think a fic may be deserving, but we do not tolerate spam and it will get disqualified if it is, so you don’t want to risk that for the author.
  • You cannot vote for a fic that has already won something, and an author who has already won an author specific award cannot be nominated for another author specific award. Please check +here and +here for previous winners, as well as our +awards tag!

The nomination form will be open for nominations until next Monday (14th of July, 2014) and the voting process will start after that! We will post more info on that when it comes time.

Good luck to everyone, and happy nominating!

- The 1DFF Admin Team


It’s the last day for nominations! So, get in all your last minute nominations! I will be spending the night going through nominations, and the voting form will be posted tomorrow some time.

Anonymous: Hi is the fan fiction site down? I've been trying to log in for days to read a story but it won't let me!

It has not!

- Valerie