Anonymous: Just because the site is technically 'up and running' doesn't mean it actually works when the login issue still hasn't been resolved like you thought it had.

here is what Val said

We’ve looked into this issue and have fixed all that was associated with it (hopefully!) If anyone continues to have a problem with logging in or staying logged in please email us at with ‘ATTN: Log-In’ in the title.

It seemed fixed on our end, hence the hopefully, and she also said that if anyone was continuing to have the problem then they should email us. We haven’t had anyemails about log in issues since we thought it was resolved, so please send us an email with your exact problems so we can look into it further. We want to get this issue resolved because we want people to be able to use our site!


Anonymous: Very sad that your site never works anymore
Anonymous: what are the requirements to be a featured fic? doesn't having to have over 200 reviews ensure that deserving fics that aren't popular don't get mentioned? isn't that really unfair? i'm also very confused.

I’m not sure what’s confusing. If you’re having any struggles, anon, please feel free to message me privately as I’m always here to help with any misunderstandings. As for the requirements, I just answered this a couple questions down but for you I’ll say it again; you can find them here and here. Hope to hear from you soon to get all this confusion sorted out.

- Valerie

Anonymous: Wait, so I'm a bit confused. A feature list? So you guys have an entire list of stories you want to feature and you just go down the list? So say if a story gets a bunch of recommendations over the next couple of weeks it would go to the bottom and it could be months before it's featured? Sorry I'm new and confused now!!

There aren’t and have never been that many stories on the list. Like currently, I have one. And then a lot of the time, even that one will surpass the requirements by the time a new feature rolls around! Which usually means they’d go over 200 reviews :) which is great!

- Val

Anonymous: + Maybe you should start checking other stories out there, or if you don't feel like it, I'm 100% sure that everyone can bid in some suggestion of a story that isn't recognizable around and truly deserves to get their work known. I'm not saying that the ones that are getting don't, but I think that others deserve a chance too to become known authors for their good work.

All the stories that have been featured thusfar have complied with all of our set requirementments, so wether or not you personally don’t “feel” like they should be featured is only a personal opinion. If you want to see other stories featured then please (like I say many times throughout the week) recommend them to us. It wouldn’t be fair for me to go around and find stories that I personally like because this site wasn’t made for me - it’s for you guys. For the amount of recommendations we get there really should be no complaining. Like a story = email us about it and we’ll check it out. If it fits the criteria then it’ll probably be added to a feature list. ——- ‘Feature Recommendation’

It’s really as simple as that.

- Val

Anonymous: I was wondering, for the admin picks, if the admins actually check out all of the nominees or just cast their votes based on what they already know. Just curious :)

Most of the girl’s have already read a majority of the stories and I’m sure checked out all the others :) personally, I’ve only read maybe 2 of the stories from this years nominees so I made sure to check them all out as soon as they were announced! 

- Valerie

1DFF Summer 2014 Awards - Results!

What a wonderful round of awards we’ve had! There was such a diverse and incredible range of stories, and it’s such a shame we cannot give all the nominees an award. But nevertheless, the public have spoken and these are what you voted for! Also, we’ve also decided to throw in an ‘admins pick’ award for each category, which basically means that a voting form was sent out to all the admins to vote between the remaining stories.

Congratulations to all our winners! And feel free to use your award banner in the summary/author notes/end notes/etc to show off your success! Or if you didn’t win, feel free to show off your nomination with the nomination banner.

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Anonymous: Hey just wanted to ask how the award results are coming along.

Winning votes have been counted and currently Elesha and Emily are dedicating their time to the banner making process :) so results are coming soon!

- Valerie

Log-In Issue

We’ve looked into this issue and have fixed all that was associated with it (hopefully!) If anyone continues to have a problem with logging in or staying logged in please email us at with ‘ATTN: Log-In’ in the title. Thanks guys!

- 1DFF Team

Anonymous: Your site basically only works on computers and not on mobile now. So many people can't get in. We log in and go to read stories and it logs us out. It's not because of private settings either. You're losing a lot of people because of it.

The logging out issue is something that is happening to some people on both computers and mobiles! We are investigating the cause of the issue, but we are aware that it’s not just a mobile issue and it hasn’t been happening to everyone. We’re very sorry that this is happening, but we’re looking into why it’s doing what it is.

- Elesha

Anonymous: would love to see more diverse fics featured on the site! i did some noticed only 2 stories out of all the ones that were nominated had female leads of color. i think it would encourage diversity to feature those fics and inspire people to write more diverse stories!

We don’t choose the fics that were up for voting, those were chosen by the public who sent in nominations! We definitely encourage people to send in fics, so if you want a fic of that nature to be featured, then by all means send us in suggestions. People send us in suggestions all the time, and we always take into consideration what people have to say! 

- Elesha

Anonymous: were the April promotions ever given on the boards? just curious because I don't recall them :)

No they weren’t! The admin who was doing those become busy and never had a chance to do them. I’ll see about opening up a new promotions thread soon though.

- Elesha

Anonymous: when will you continue the spotlight authors?

Probably once the awards are over!

- Valerie

Anonymous: I would like to know if there is a link to find past featured stories on the site without having to search for them. If there isn't could one be made for the categories link? If it's too difficult I understand.

We have one on this tumblr right on the sidebar where it says “Featured Stories" and we also have them all in the same section on the site for your convenience :)

- Valerie

Anonymous: Just wondering do you guys ever update this favorites stories or the most read stories or the most reviewed stories because that is how I determine the stories I read. And I was wondering if you have any favorite stories that I should read. Do you have any suggestions?

All of the top 10s on the site are put there through a system calcuated by whatever category they fall into “Most Read” “Most Reviewed” etc so we don’t mess with those!

As for suggestions, we have a list of our Summer Awards nominees :)

- Valerie